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The Center of Excellence designation is reserved for those treatment providers who evidence exemplary Relapse Prevention services through the use of the CENAPS Model of Treatment.  Although any provider may seek this designation, only those who meet the rigorous standards for endorsement will be officially recognized.  The exclusive benefits of becoming a Center of Excellence are:

1. Gorski-CENAPS Name: The Center of Excellence recipient is allowed to use the Gorski-CENAPS name in advertising their treatment center.  Only Centers of Excellence share this benefit.

2. Marketing: Mr. Gorksi’s reputation and the reputation of the CENAPS Corporation will set the Center of Excellence recipient apart from their competitors and aid in publicizing the program to local, regional and national marketplaces.

3. National Exposure:  Mr. Gorski speaks to thousands of professionals at conferences and workshops each year, and will refer to the clinical programs at the Center of Excellence recipient whenever appropriate.  

4. Preferred Referral:  As a result of Mr. Gorski’s extensive lecturing and publishing, The CENAPS Corporation routinely receives requests for treatment referrals for relapse prone patients.  The Center of Excellence recipient would be a preferred referral.

5. Advertising:  The Center of Excellence recipient is given the privilege of placing an ad in the Gorski-CENAPS annual Recovery and Relapse Prevention Catalog published by Herald House Independence Press.  This catalog is of excellent quality and is mailed to over thirty five thousand people annually.

6. Website Listing:  The Center of Excellence recipient is listed on the Gorski-CENAPS Centers of Excellence page of the CENAPS Website.  Listing would include year of Center of Excellence designation, program address, phone number and website link.

7. Marketing Advice:  Mr. Gorski will advise the marketing department at the Center of Excellence recipient on how to effectively market this program and would provide whatever administrative consultation is desired within the context of the agreed upon time commitments.

Mr. Gorski has a national reputation in Relapse Prevention Therapy.  He is the developer of the CENAPS Model of Relapse Prevention, which is the primary model of relapse prevention therapy being used nationally and internationally in treatment centers.

The CENAPS Model of Relapse Prevention is the most widely recognized system for dealing with relapse prone chemically dependent patients.  Well over two hundred treatment centers nationally use various aspects of the CENAPS  Model of Relapse Prevention.  Mr. Gorski has worked extensively in developing relapse prevention services with such notable programs as Father Martins Ashley in Havre De Grace,  Maryland, and Lifeworks in London, England.  He has conducted in-service training throughout the world and received the Falcon Award from the President of Iceland at the 2003 ISAM conference.  

Mr. Terence Gorski is an undisputed national leader in the field of chemical dependence.  He is well published and has high levels of visibility and respect within the chemical dependency treatment field.   

Mr. Gorski has more than 130 publications including; books, video and audio tapes, cd’s and dvd’s.  His publications reach almost 100,000 people each year.  

The Center of Excellence status provides the recipient with access to the Gorski-CENAPS national network.  Over 4,200 professional clinicians have completed advanced training with The National Certification School For Relapse Prevention Specialists.  Of those clinicians completing the training, over 300 have received competency certification.  Many of these advanced trainees are in full-time clinical practice in outpatient clinics or private practices and are looking for quality inpatient programs that specialize in the CENAPS Model to stabilize their patients.  A CENAPS endorsed program would be very appealing to them as a referral source.  

Mr. Gorski will play a very active role in the Center of Excellence designation process.   It is the goal of Mr. Gorski to establish each Center of Excellence as a primary clinical affiliation to assist with the further development of his clinical model. 

With proper marketing as a designated Center of Excellence who provides quality relapse prevention programs and the appropriate use of the name of Terence T. Gorski and the CENAPS Corporation, the marketing advantage of the Center of Excellence recipient will be greatly enhanced.  With Mr. Gorski's national visibility it is possible to significantly expand the reputation and recognition of the recipients program.

The Center of Excellence designation will allow the recipient to; formally affiliate with Gorski-CENAPS, a nationally recognized expert in the relapse prevention therapy field; have unlimited use of clinical manuals without copyright violation, and have access to a well developed national referral network of outpatient clinicians.